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We're trying our best with the blog translations, but neither Japanese nor English are our first languages, so there could be mistakes.

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[Kyoki] 2011/03/12 Saturday [12 Mar 2011|02:31pm]


Please be alive

It's been a while since we had so many sad news like this.
Right now I can only feel my own helplessness.
Thought I'm trying to get in contact with many people, there still are so many I can't get in contact with.
It was the first time I could feel such a strong earthquake, and it is also the first time that an earthquake continues like that.
I'm alive, but still many people are suffering.
I want to go to help them, but right now I'm unable to get any information and to send them to others.
I'm worried about everyone suffering from the earthquake, but still the earthquakes aren't over, so I think the danger hasn't changed.
Earlier I tried to call my family in Tochigi.
When I watched the news it sounded like the damages in that region aren't that severe, so just to feel better and because I wished for it I tried to call them, but....
Due to the effects of the earthquake there is a power failure.
Without traffic lights and with this power failure and the panic because of problems with transportation, my brother had a traffic accident.
He is alright, but it seems like the car is a total loss...
It's a really terrible thing.
Due to the earthquake, it's not just buildings that are destroyed, but "The normal every day life", I think.
No one knows if from here on more major earthquakes might follow.
Of if they might occur in other places.
People that are alright now, I hope they look to their neighbors and start helping them as much as they can.
But please protect your own body as well.
I don't think this is just an exaggeration.
I think there is nothing more important than your life.
Please be alive. I beg of you.



Today we had planned a live at Niigata, but due to the earthquake we had to postpone it.
I'm really sorry that this notification was in the middle of the night.
Also I'd be very happy if you understood.
I was looking forward to it starting last year, and I think there were many others looking forward to it as well.
That's why, when the very first earthquake occured I still thought we will go to Niigata.
But then the information about the distressed area came and then even in Tokyo the other members had problems getting into contact with their relatives, the traffic was broken as well, and when we heard all of these news, dolore's Zero, our chief and I had a conversation about what is more important and thus decided to postpone the live.
That is because our actual work is to make everyone smile.
When everyone is suffering, there is something else we need to do.
Many people send me mails telling me that they are safe.
When I make people worry I can't let them smile.
The damages are becoming more and more, I feel truly sad.
We will come to Niigata for sure, so please wait.
And also, where ever you are and start to feel unease, just tell this uneasiness to me.
Because I am listening.
Now I'll do whatever I can, looking at reality right now.
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[Ageha] 2011/03/11 Friday [11 Mar 2011|10:15pm]


Major earthquake

Naturally a lot of people are still in confusion,
but for the moment I had contact with all member are all right!

It's still shaking because of aftershocks, so please take care!


[Rio] 2011/03/11 Friday [11 Mar 2011|09:30pm]


I can't come home.

How many hours do I have to walk until I arrive at home? (laughs)
The trains stopped, so I can't ride them to go home.
It's cold and I can't beat it well. (laughs)



I'm still continuing to walk, but I do not arrive.
Unfortunately it became cold.
Tokyo is close, right?

[2011/03/12 Saturday]



I hitchhiked and thus got home. ←lie (laughs)
But since I'm trudging,
"Girl, want a ride?"
Like this many people called out to me. (laughs)
Why? (laughs) I won't take a ride. (laughs)
Still I won't arrive soon. Even though I'm walking on. (laughs)



It was really big this time, the earthquake.
Even if they are alone, I hope many people are save...

Rio-sama worries as well, because she didn't hear anything from her friends in Miyagi [1] yet.
In Fukushima [1], there are relatives as well.
In Ibaraki [1], there are relatives as well.

I just pray that there aren't any more victims.

[1] Miyagi is the prefecture where the earthquake was worst. (capital of Miyagi is Sendai)
Fukushima and Ibaraki are both cities in Miyagi.

Let's pray for all relatives of Secilia Luna's members. Fortunately all of the members seem to be fine. But about their relatives...
We can just pray.
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[Kyoki] 2011/03/11 Friday [11 Mar 2011|09:07pm]


Tabata's curse

The 10th was Mi-sama's birthday live at Ikebukuro K3.
For now it was China. (laughs)
And we had Nikuman.
You, who was able to eat my Nikuman during the live,

have passed!

Won't you become a Tenshikyouto as well?
The fee is free. (laughs)
Well, putting that aside, today I was able to do as I like again. ☆
Since you were supporting us so friendly it was fun.
It's a secret that the stage was so small.
I loved all of you today.
And also Happy Birthday to Mi-sama! (laughs)
It's already your real birthday. How old are you now?
Let's continue our flirts.
Also, at the live house there was a friend I haven't met in a while.
I felt like there were many Tabatas.
Maybe that's Tabata's curse. (laughs)
Since it's Ikebukuro it's Tabata.
Feels like a curse, but actually there is none.
Like this I think we will be able to influence one third of the world in the future for sure.
If the world is filthy, we'll make it white.
Using face wash, we'll make it white.
On a boring world of nothing we'll just pour some coffee, I swear that.

19:20 [After the earthquake]

Are all of you save?

Everyone is really panicking. (>_<)
Various things have stopped working.
Are all of you in a save place? (>_<)
Still, take care!

[Mirai] 2011/03/05 [05 Mar 2011|10:01pm]

Again since a long time

I have got out of shape

But i's already okay.

I'm a food poisoning angel. (laugh)

This isn't a laughing matter!!

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